These 12 Places Are So Weird, They Don’t Look Real

YouTube has become one of the reliable social media sources especially for those who want plan their next travel.

On YouTube, you can get amazing travel ideas, tips and tricks to make next travel itinerary enticing. YouTube is an ideal place to get an idea how travelers interact with video content.

YouTube provides you with helpful insights and information about those places that don’t feel real on earth but we can compile whole story in one blog so you don’t need to watch full lengthy videos in detail. Read on!

1. Spotted Lake:

Spotted Lake

This spotted lake is located in Okanagan valley, British Columbia and this lake is famous for it’s blue, yellow and green circles on lake surface. The reason of this lake named as spotted lake as water evaporates from few parts of the lake. It happens normally in summer season when temperature is high and it’s difficult to believe for those who see it for the first time.

2. Darvaza Gas Crater:

 Darvaza Gas Crater

Darvaza Gas Crater is also known as door to hell and it is located in Deweze village, Turkmenistan. Now question is how did this happen? Well, the details are long but we try to narrow down this story as drilling rig collapsed into massive crater while searching for natural reserves.

If you want explore this site, you need to visit in night when flames are vivid and extra bright to give mesmerizing view.

3. Ōkunoshima:


Ōkunoshima is a rabbit island located in Japan and you can find multiple wild and adorable rabbits in this island. If you are animal lover or you want experience weird place with your family, you must visit this island.

No one knows from where these rabbits arrived as some says that they were released by school children in back 1970s while some others believe that these are used as test subjects for chemical weapons.

4. Lake Hillier:

 Lake Hillier

This is one of the weirdest lakes that don’t look real as lake doesn’t usually come in light pink color. It is located in Australia.

This lake is pink because of algae and colorful bacteria that makes it stunning when you see this lake from above. The other unique thing about this lake is that is just beside blue ocean.

5. Lake Eibsee:

Lake Eibsee:

Lake Eibsee is a stunning lake located in Baveria, Germany and considered as one of the most unique places on earth that don’t look real at all.

This lake is famous for having surrounded lush greenery, unique panoramic views and crystal clear water.

Do you know that you can enjoy swimming in this lake? Not only swimming but also engage yourselves in various other activities like windsurfing and kayaking etc.

6. Kolmanskop:


Kolmanskop is bustling diamond mine town located in Namibia dessert. This place is heaven for photographers as this place comes with picturesque views. But if you want capture amazing photos, you need to take permit to visit and take photos. You can get this permit from ticket office before entering into the town.

7. The Tunnel of Love:

The Tunnel of Love:

This tunnel of love is located in Klevan village, Ukraine and it is just as romantic as it looks in the picture. The whole corridor is fully covered with green trees, giving enough room to train to easily pass through the tunnel. It is one of the popular places for lovebirds and photographers who want capture amazing photos.

8. Fanal Forest:

Fanal Forest

Fanal forest is also one of the weird places on earth that don’t feel real and it is located in Madeira island with fairytale atmosphere. The reason that makes this place something unique and out of the world is lush greenery, misty atmosphere and unique forest atmospheric conditions.

9. The Rainbow Mountain:

The Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow mountain is located in Peru and it’s one of the best mountains all over the world after Machu Picchu. To explore rainbow mountain, you need to spare one day for yourself as you cannot explore this majestic mountain in only few hours. It includes a full-day experience with one-hour horseback ride and 15-minute break to mountain pass.

10. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park:

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Once, it was the first authorized national forest park in Hunan Province, China. The reason why this park is being famous for having pillar-like formations that are easily seen throughout the park. This park is comprised of dense forests, deep canyons, famous peaks and pillar-like rock formations that you can’t see anywhere.

11. Cappadocia:


This weird place is located in Turkey that is famous for having hot air balloon rides and considered as top air balloon destinations from all over the world. The famous tourist attractions you must explore at this place are valley trail, Uchisar Castle, Red Valley, or Goreme Town. While enjoying hot air balloon ride, you can enjoy marvelous views from top.

12. Lake Tuz:

Lake Tuz

This lake is second largest lake from all over the world and it is located in Turkey. It is one of the popular tourist attractions just because of having pink colored water. You can visit and explore this place during certain times of the year when weather is favorable and other travel circumstances are unconditional.


Our planet is a treasure blend of the strange and spectacular.  This list from YouTube just scratches the surface of incredible destinations.  So without any wait- these unbelievable places are truly real and waiting to be explored!

So, buckle up and get ready to virtually explore some of the most extraordinary places that don’t feel real on earth. These unbelievable destinations are sure to leave you speechless and inspire your next adventure. They’re a powerful reminder that the real world can be even more fantastical than anything we can dream up.

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