20 Amazing Places That Don’t Feel Real (But Are)


Earth is full of mind-blowing destinations, thrilling adventurous spots and breathtaking landscapes. From China’s Rainbow Mountains to Naica Mine, Mexico, there are various places that don’t feel real on earth. By seeing these places, it’s hard to believe that such places actually exist.

Are you in search of exploring places that don’t feel real on earth? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Let us show you 20 of the best places that you may think unreal when see for the first time, but in actual, these places are real. Read on!

1. The Fairy Pools, Scotland:

The fairy pools in Scotland is considered as one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Scotland and ideal place for photographers and tourists. Scotland is multicultural country with long past history of religious tolerance and especially Muslim tourists are welcomed specially. Alongside fairy pools, you can capture stunning views of amazing landscapes.

Best Time to Visit: Spring & summer months

2. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan:

If you want explore fiery and spookiest destinations in the world, go and explore this place on your own. It is located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. This weird place or hole was invented back in 1971 with massive depth of 98 feet and 226 feet diameter. It’s a natural gas field that has been burning continuously from several years since it was accidently set on fire back in 1971.

Best Time to Visit: At the time of sunset

3. The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine:

The tunnel of love is located in Klevan’s village and it is one of the best romantic places that you could ever see from all over the world. At this place, you can capture scenic views of the tunnel while spending quality time. The distance of this tunnel is about 3km and bookmark this place from now and must visit next time when you go to Ukraine.

Best Time to Visit: Spring & summer

4. Chocolate Hills, Philippines:

In the Bohol’s middle, the island in Philippines, you can find 1700 plus uniquely shaped hills. During dry or summer season, the green grass turns brown from the top. As a result, this renowned landscape named as famous “chocolate hills”. Some scientists believe the hills came from the sea and it’s one of the wonderful adventures.

Best Time to Visit: Between March & June

5. Lake Eibsee, Baveria:

Lake Eibsee is one of the stunning and amazing lakes in Baveria, Germany. In this lake, you can enjoy some of the amazing activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and swimming. Not only this, you can also enjoy breathtaking views, lush greenery and crystal clear water of this lake. It is one of the best places to rejuvenate and relax your mood and soul.

Best Time to Visit: From mid-June to mid-September

6. Bandarban:

Bandarban is located in Chittagong Bangladesh and it’s one of the popular tourist attractions. Bandarban has many natural attractions that not only offers stunning views but also give you with the best unique experience of lakes, rivers and forests. Also, you can enjoy hiking and boat ride. So you should visit and explore this paradise place.

Best Time to Visit: August to October and second preference will be February to March

7. Cappadocia, Turkey:

Cappadocia is famous for balloon rides and rock formation. If you want get hot air balloon ride, this place will be one of the best options from all over the world. in Cappadocia, you can go to different other attractions like valley trail, red valley, and Goreme. Go and explore this place to get air balloon ride to see the stunning views of Cappadocia from top.

Best Time to Visit: During the months of April, May, June, September & October

8. The Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam:

Hang Son Doong cave is one of the awe-inspiring and massive caves located in central Vietnam in Bang National Park. This lake is considered as one of the world’s largest cave with few of its chambers reaching the heights of more than 600 feet and widths of more than 500 feet. This massive cave will provide you with stunning views and make your experience fascinating and memorable.

Best Time to Visit: You can visit this place from February to April

9. Grand Prismatic Spring:

From its massive size to awe-inspiring beauty of vibrant colors, the Grand Prismatic Spring is a natural wonder that provide you with stunning rainbow colors. It is located in Wyoming. The vibrant colors are created by heat-loving bacteria, which ultimately comes with variety of colors depending on the climate and temperature.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit late afternoon and avoid going in the morning to avoid massive crowds.

10.  Skagit Valley Tulip Fields:

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields is considered as one of the magical and impressive places in the U.S and it is located in Washington. The gorgeous tulip fields come blossom during spring season. One notable thing about this valley tulip fields is their orderly rows make the view more astonishing and mesmerizing. Each year, almost 1 million visitors attend Skagit Valley Tulip Fields festival.

Best Time to Visit: Mid-April when stunning fields are in full bloom.

11.  White Sands National Park:

The U.S.A is famous for having incredible parks and White Sands National Park in one of them. As the name, this park is covered with white sand making it home to world’s famous and massive gypsum dune field. Apart from admiring the park’s beauty, you can visit to Visitor Center to explore the amazing exhibits within Visitor Center.

Best Time to Visit: If you want enjoy outdoor activities in white sands national park, you can go October through May.

12.  Lake District:

The lake district is totally mountainous region and one of the best national parks in U.K. This park is renowned for having lakes, mountain and scenery. At this place, you can go for cycling, boat riding, swimming and walk etc. While exploring this place, you can spend quality time and make lasting memories.

Best Time to Visit: From June to August

13.  Antelope Canyon, Arizona:

Antelope Canyon is made of two sections named as upper canyon and lower canyon. The upper canyon is conveniently accessible and is famous for amazing beam sunlight views while the lower canyon requires tourists to navigate narrow passages. This historical place is famous for offering one of the unique experiences to the visitors.

Best Time to Visit: In the end of March and first week of October from 11:00 am to 1:30pm.

14.  Watkins Glen State Park:

This stunning park has something that leaves a lasting impression on tourists from worldwide and it’s located in New York. The Watkins glen stat park beauty is not only famous for waterfalls only as rainbows, cliffs and tranquil pools adds more charm to this park beauty. Also, you can climb on this gorgeous trail but for this, you need to wear shoes with excellent traction.

Best Time to Visit: During mid-may or around fall.

15.  Mendenhall Glacier Caves:

When you go to Mendenhall glacier caves, west glacier trail and glacier visitor center are two of the best spots that don’t feel real when exploring for the first time. The caves formed when water running through and over the glacier. It’s not easy to access to caves as travelers can hike in or kayak to the side of the ice and climb to the glacier.

Best Time to Visit: May to October

16. The Wave, Arizona:

The wave is a stunning rock formation located in Northern Arizona. This stunning wave is known for its vibrant colors which change all the day and throughout the year when the light and shadows fall across the surface. This rock is made up of various vibrant colors like red, purple, orange and yellow that make this wave breathtaking.

Best Time to Visit: From October start to early November

17.  Underwater Waterfalls:

Mauritius underwater waterfall give tourists an optical illusion view and you can see this waterfall only from the top. The best way to explore this amazing wonder is by taking helicopter ride from the above. It not only includes in those places that don’t feel real but also considered as one of the most photographed places from all over the world.

Best Time to Visit: From September to December when there are less chances of rainfall

18.  Bonneville Salt Lake:

This beautiful Salt Lake is stretched over 30,000 acres and also give you one of the unreal experiences on earth. Also, it is considered as one of the U.S unique and extravagant lakes. Apart from it’s amazing beauty, a lot of tourists visit this place for car racing as the salt is easy to drive on. It is recommended to visit when salts are dry.

Best Time to Visit: From June to August

19.  Bentonite Hills:

Bentonite hills are one of the famous and otherworldly places from all over the world. These stunning hills are located near Capitol Reel National Park borders. The appearance of these landscapes are soft and contoured with green, gray, purple, red and brown shades. This place has not experienced mass tourism like other destinations or places.

Best Time to Visit: During evening to capture amazing photos.

20.  Bryce Canyon:

Bryce Canyon is located in southwestern Utah and it is not only the place that don’t feel real but also one of the best breathtaking places. By taking some of the best hikes in this place, you can enjoy close-up view of geological formations. This place is opened 24/7 and picnic tables are available in this place. If you are pet or dog lover, you can come across to this place with your dogs or pets.

Best Time to Visit: May to September and it’s the peak season

Final Words!

We hope this blog post will help you with your travel planning to one of the places that don’t look real on in photos. From Fairy Pools to Bryce canyon, the above-mentioned 20 places are the best places that don’t feel real and will definitely give you mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

All these places are real but when you will see them for the first time, it may look like unreal and astonishing but after some time, you can realize hidden wonders behind these places. Get ready yourselves to explore or discover these places that don’t look real. Have happy and fun travel!

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