Where Is the Safest Place to Take Kids Abroad?

Where Is the Safest Place to Take Kids Abroad?

Seeking to make a plan for an abroad trip with kids? Wow, that’s a great idea. It’s an exciting venture to spend quality time with loved ones and collect lifetime memories. However, when it comes to travel with family, especially with kids ensuring their safety is utmost.

Wondering where is the safest place to take kids abroad? Fear not! The world is home to some safe places where you can take your kids on vacations. In this blog post, we will cover 12 places in the world that are not only safe but offer plenty of family-friendly and fun activities for kids. So, let’s get started!

What Should You Consider When Planning to Take Kids Abroad?

Planning to Take Kids Abroad
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First of all, you have endless options to take your kids abroad for vacation. So, when choosing the destination for kids, parents must consider the following points;

  • Healthcare facility_ Health is a priority always
  • Crime Rate_ Cases reported of kidnapping, theft, or risk on a tourist attraction
  • Family and Fun Activities_ To have a wonderful trip
  • Transportation Means_ Transport is secure for kids
  • Cleanliness and hygiene_ Destination where you go, clean environment
  • Travel insurance_ Travel insurance confirms a safe trip
  • Accommodation_ Always choose kid-friendly hotels, offering play areas

Which Places Are Safe to Travel Out of the Country with Kids?

In the sea of safe destinations for kids, we compile a list of 12 places that are considered the safest places across the world. These ultimate choices are best to take kids, enjoy your journey, and stay safe as well.

1. Italy

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Italy is one of the most popular destinations for family trips. Its vibrant culture, rich history, and hidden gems make it a stunning place to travel with family. The most important thing, it is a safe tourist destination that ensures your family’s health to luggage safety.

  • Low Crime Rates

The crime rate in Italy is relatively low. The tourist attractions especially kids’ areas and crowded downtown are isolated by authorities to minimize crime risk.

  • Healthcare

Italy is famous for its qualified doctors and number of hospitals. That is why, it is considered a high standard of healthcare tourist spot, providing excellent medical services.

  • Family-Friendly Activities

Italy is another name for fun and enjoyment. Yes, families can explore the beautiful countryside, play areas, and museums and enjoy outdoor activities. Beyond fun, Italy’s rules and regulations ensure every traveler’s safety as well.

  • Transportation

Italy’s transportation service also secures for the traveler. Public transport trains, buses, and taxis are safe for families.

2. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom
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Generally, the United Kingdom is ranked as a safe and welcoming place for families who travel with kids. The UK offers plenty of attractions, especially for kids like museums, zoos, parks, and historical buildings. What is the best thing? Well, the best thing is, near many tourist spots you will find a baby changing station and restaurant for kids.

  • Crime Rate

The United Kingdom is a safe place to take your kids, because of its low crime rate.

  • Healthcare facilities

UK’s National Health Services (NHS) offer extreme healthcare facilities to visitors. Beyond health insurance, Families can get quality treatment.

  • Family-Friendly Activities

The UK is home to the ultimate tourist attractions, London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff are the biggest cities that offer numerous activities to keep your family engaged. Museums, parks, and play areas are just amazing to make your kid’s time magical.

  • Transportation

Public transportation in the UK is reliable and safe for visitors. Underground trains and buses are fully secure, whether you travel alone or with family during peak or off-peak times.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand
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New Zealand is another safe place where you can take your kids without any worry. Its welcoming environment and friendly locals make it a safe place for tourist families. It offers enough travel things to do to make the most of your experience with family and lock moments for a long time.

  • Crime Rate

New Zealand has a lower crime rate as compared to other tourist spots. Violent crimes are rare, you can easily discover your favorite destination with kids without worry of thefts and pickpockets.

  • Healthcare Facilities

New Zealand has a huge empire of hospitals and clinics that offer their service 24/7 for all. It offers modern means of medication and uses the latest technologies in the health sector.

  • Transportation

The public transportation of New Zealand is secure and trustworthy. Trains and buses are well-equipped, ensuring that take proper seats of kids.

  • Family Activities

New Zealand is home to picturesque views and breathtaking landscapes, where you will find endless chances to do outdoor or indoor activities.

4. Canada

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Without any doubt, Canada is the safest destination for all. Whether you travel with family or solo travelers, major cities are like your safe home. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are perfect tourist spots to take your kids and ensure their security.

  • Crime Rate

Just because of strict rules and regulations Canada’s crime rate is relatively low. But precaution are must in crowded places.

  • Healthcare

Canada owns a high-quality healthcare system, offering excellent medical facilities to all ages visitors, and residents as well.

  • Safe Transportation

The roads of Canada are 24/7 monitor to ensure individuals’ security. Trains, taxis, buses, and rental cars are reliable and secure.

  • Child-Friendly Activities

Canada offers a wide variety of activities to don’t get your kids bored and make their every second full of fun. museums, zoos, play areas, water parks, amusement parks, and a wonderful variety of cuisines make their fun time long-lasting.

5. Spain

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Spain is a popular destination for families and solo travelers just because of its safety features. When traveling with kids it is important to ensure their security and choose a secure place for their fun time. No doubt, Spain can be a good choice to take kids with you.

  • Crime Rate

The crime rate in Spain is comparatively lower than other tourist attractions. So, you can consider it for the next adventure.

  • Healthcare

Spain offers modern medical facilities to ensure your family’s wellness during travel. Tourists can get special treatment from professionals.

  • Secure Transportation

When you move with family, it is good to book a rental car. Trains and local buses are also secure options for kids and seniors.

  • Child-Friendly Activities

There is no shortage of outdoor or indoor activities in Spain. Sun-kissed beaches, parks, resorts, museums, and natural attractions let kids do what they want.

6. Portugal

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Portugal is another beautiful yet super safe place to travel with your kids. It is home to breathtaking landscapes that have plenty of things for all age travelers. Playgrounds are wide where your kids can play and spend quality time safely.

  • Crime Rate

The low crime rate of Portugal makes it the perfect destination to travel with family. Lisbon and Porto are the most famous cities for securing tourist spots.

  • Healthcare

Portugal offers a wide range of hospitals, medical stores, and small clinics for visitors. Plus, the availability of 24 hours’ ambulance services, ensures your family’s wellness.

  • Safe Transportation

Public transport is comfortable as well as secure for travelers who move with family.

  • Child-Friendly Activities

beautiful natural attractions, play areas, parks, and zoos, Portugal has a lot of things to enjoy.

7. Australia

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Australia is famous for its security features and strict rules and regulations, especially in tourist spots. So, without worry, you can take your kids with you to make your vacation full of fun. Australia is home to the ultimate natural beauty, offering outdoor activities for kids.

  • Crime Rate

Australia is a safe destination for families, just because of low crime rates. Precautions are always needed, so keep an eye on kids always.

  • Healthcare

Tourists can access easily hospitals in case of emergency and get medical treatment on the spot. Australia offers top-notch healthcare services.

  • Safe Transportation

Rental cars are the best option to explore Australia, they are safe and secure. Plus, public transportation is also secure for all.

  • Child-Friendly Activities

You will find many options to make the most of your travel with kids, such as

  • Visit Taronga Zoo in Sydney
  • Experience Great Barrier Reef
  • Enjoy national and wildlife parks
  • Go to stunning beaches

8. Ireland

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Ireland is famous for its friendly residents, safe cities, and rich cultural traditions. Big cities like Cork and Dublin are super safe for kids-friendly tours. Families can enjoy culture, cuisine, dance, and much more with kids.

  • Crime Rate

The low crime rate makes Ireland the safest place to explore with your kids.

  • Healthcare

It offers top-quality healthcare service to tourists in any emergency. Modern machinery and the availability of professionals, make sure you stay healthy and explore healthy.

  • Safe Transportation

Public transportation is completely safe, roads are well-developed and cameras monitor public transport 24 hours.

  • Child-Friendly Activities

Historic castles, museums, natural landmarks, beaches, hotels, and restaurants, are always ready to make your journey special and full of enjoyment.

9. Finland

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Finland is ranked as the world’s safest place to travel with kids for its security features, welcoming locals, and secure environment. Plenty of surrounding attractions, and lush foliage of parks, let you spend a full day with kids and click pictures.

  • Crime Rate

Finland is a secure place to take your kids, because of its low crime rate.

  • Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, Finland always stays ahead. From professional doctors to modern medicinal tools, everything is available for your health.

  • Safe Transportation

Buses, trains, and rental cars are safe and reliable for all age travelers.

  • Child-Friendly Activities

Finland’s big cities offer ample activities for kids to keep them involved whole the day.

10. Sweden

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Last but not least, Sweden is also ranked as one of the safest places in the world to take your kids. Lush beauty, picturesque scenic views, and off-the-beaten paths make it the best place to take a long trip, especially with family. There are numerous outdoor and indoor activities for all ages visitors.

  • Crime Rate

Securing personal things is essential anywhere, but Sweden is famous for its low crime rates, especially in tourist spots.

  • Healthcare

Advance medical treatment is provided to visitors. Travelers can access hospitals near every tourist attraction.

  • Safe Transportation

All public transportation that you use in Sweden is secure and reliable like trains or buses. Get rental cars from reputable companies.

  • Kids-Friendly Activities

Water activities, hiking trails, beaches, museums, and national parks make your kid’s journey memorable.

Bottom Line

When you are traveling in a strange country with family and kids, security is a priority. Whether it’s about accommodation, healthcare, or transportation, parents let know about the crime rate of the destination first. After that, precaution is always key to spending quality time.

Avoid showing off your personal things in public and always supervise your kids, while they are playing outside. So, travelers who wondering where is the safest places to take kids abroad, get their answer here. Hopefully, these place helps you to choose the best and safest destination for your family adventure. Have a safe travel!

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