10 Exciting Things to Do in Palm Springs with Kids

10 Exciting Things to Do in Palm Springs with Kids

Planning for spring vacation in California? WOW, that’s a great idea!  “Palm Spring “is your destination. Palm Springs is a sun-kissed heaven, where every moment turns into an adventure.

If you are wondering how to make your vacation special for little ones, fear not. There are a lot of things to do in Palm Springs with kids. From playgrounds and museums to joy lands and game entertainment you will find everything here. In this post, we have collected a list of 10 exhilarating activities tailored just for families.

10 Fun Things for Kids to Do in Palm Springs

Entire Palm Springs is home to entertainment and joy. But, here we shared 10 super entertaining things to do with kids that mesmerize your trip and cheer little ones. Let’s get started!

1.  Living Desert Zoo and Garden

Desert Zoo in Palm Springs

According to a travel advisor, Living Desert Zoo and Garden is ranked as the #1 attraction in the United States (California). It’s been more than 50 years, that the zoo or garden dedicated itself to the protection and defense of wildlife, plants, and countless species across the world.

There is a massive series of activities that kids can do to participate in the wellness of animals like cheetahs, bobcats, and zebras. Plus, the zoo lets them take plenty of photos with animals which adds more fun to traveling.

2. Fantasy Spring Lanes

Fantasy Spring Lanes palm springs

A casino is considered a bad place to go with kids. Right? But, Fantasy Spring Lanes located at Indio’s specifically a center of bowling for families, is open daily at 10 am.

Fantasy Spring Lanes offers the latest scoring technology that makes your trip with your family unforgettable. When kids play laser bowling the floor lighting reflects the spider web or laser wild to create a sense of real adventure as they bowl. Overall, high recommended place by tourists for kids.

3. Splash into Wet ‘N’ Wild Palm Springs

 Splash into Wet 'N' Wild Palm Springs

Every kid loves the water park! Your trip with kids is incomplete if you don’t visit Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs. Yes, it’s a super cool water park with swings, slides, and lazy rivers.

It is the perfect place to beat the heat of the desert. Indeed, it’s a destination where you can create plenty of memories with kids that will last a lifetime.

4. Discover Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

Discovery Museum of the Desert

Do you want a great vacation spot that is a combination of play and education?  so, nothing can be a great option than “Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert” for your kids.

While playing kids have fun and interesting methods of teaching them about the world, nature, science, and creativity. In this wonderland, the learning possibilities are endless.

5. The Palm Springs Air Museum

Air Museum in Palm Springs

In the greater Palm Springs, Palm Springs Air Museum is the most popular attraction that allows visitors to get closer to vintage aircraft. This museum displays four hangers 58+ flyable planes including Korea/Vietnam war-era aircraft and World War II. Indeed, it’s a superb chance to let your young ones become junior pilots by playing mockup sessions on the computer.

6. Ride The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Aerial Tramway is one of the most amazing places and things to do for kids

With your kids, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a great way to mark the end of winter. The ideal month to visit the Palm Springs aerial tramway is January, and is 80% expected that you will get a chance to experience snowfall. As you ride the rotating car, there are many attractions that you can experience with kids and family.

7. Villagefest

Villagefest Palm Springs

VillageFest is a great way to enjoy the nightlife in the center of Palm Springs, in a family-friendly environment. This is known as a festive street that takes place every Thursday from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. From October to May, every year. VillageFest offers a variety of artworks, crafts, cuisine, food options, and many more things to do for kids.

8. Visit The Museum of Ancient Wonders

museum of Ancient Wonders in california

When it comes to showcasing the historical side of southern California, the Palm Springs Museum of Ancient Wonders is the best option to consider.  It offers plenty of replicas of artifacts, fossils and cultural events that are encouraging for families and kids. Expect galleries, the museum is stunningly designed with architectures that reflect the surrounding areas. 

9. Have A Blast at Boomers Palm Springs

Boomers in palm springs

Boomers Palm Springs is the most entertaining family park with arcade games, bumper boats, go-karts, and miniature golf. Whether you are testing your skills in arcade games or racing to the finish line, there are hidden excitements in every corner of the park for kids. You can celebrate Birthdays or kid parties there to get special packages or discounts that a chance to collect memories for a lifetime.

10. Go On a Desert Jeep Tour

Desert Jeep Tour in california

Take a jeep tour to set out an off-road adventure with your kids. This tour lets you learn about the history, native animals, and culture of the region that is most likely to children.

While riding through Jeep kids will experience the desert creatures like roadrunners and bighorn sheep.

Summing Up

Palm Springs is a great holiday spot of entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment! It offers plenty of things to do in Palm Springs with kids. Whether it’s about desert jeep tour or boomers’ palm springs there is fun for everyone. The most popular attractions for kids include an art museum, Villagefest, ride aerial tramway, an air museum, and a children’s discovery museum. After all, fantasy spring lanes, living desert zoo and garden, and wet ‘n’ wild palm springs are compulsory to excite your kids.

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